K-TOWN Physiotherapy

When K-TOWN Physiotherapy came to us for help with their digital presence - we knew right away that this client offered a specialized and dedicated service. For their online presence - they already had established a few pieces of the puzzle, but weren’t sure how to put it all together. The goal was to get them more return visits and also speak to new clients by conveying their high quality of care in their messaging and assets online.


Firstly, we conducted broad research to better understand the industry we were diving into and where K-TOWN positioned itself. As medical businesses have certain restrictions around what can be advertised, we had to ensure we complied with all guidelines before moving ahead with our creative assets. We also looked into their specific target persona’s needs and habits, and did a thorough assessment of their current strengths and weaknesses to develop a fully constructed marketing strategy.

Check out the different components of our work for this client below:

Refreshed Website

Before we could send ads and posts to their website, we had to ensure that the content and design were optimized for their client’s experience.  Based on the persona research, our team designed a website that not only got the customer the information they needed in a simple way, but that also spoke to their goals and desires. Aspirational imagery and intentional messaging (with the proper SEO keywords!) guaranteed that despite being worried about how to solve their healthcare problem, the user felt comfortable and empowered in choosing in K-TOWN. Check out their new website here.

A well-informed SEO strategy is key to reaching people looking for specific information online. Our research related to physiotherapy clients showed us that most commonly, K-TOWN's persona was searching for the solution they thought they needed rather than the issue they were having. Beyond including these keywords in strategic positions on their website, we also launched a Google ads campaign that spoke to those specific services and solutions that customers were seeking. Plus, we drew attention to the ease of booking online and the safety measures K-TOWN was adhering to during COVID-19. Although the main goal was to drive traffic to their site and contribute to overall brand awareness, this strategy resulted in 1747 lead conversions in less than 6 months! Get in touch.

SEO+ Google Ads

Email Campaign

When COVID-19 hit, K-TOWN needed a streamlined way to let their customers know what changes were happening to their business, and an email campaign was the most efficient way to speak directly to this group. Using carefully chosen imagery that showed a safe environment with physical distancing measures, our focus was to highlight the restrictions and updated measures that were now in place. By organizing the emails into a drip campaign, users received specific content related to these topics, based on the actions they had taken with the previous message. The results? An above-industry standard conversion rate, and increased site visits from return customers! Get in touch.


Working with a healthcare brand is exceptionally tricky because of the restrictions in advertising, as well as the complex range of emotions customers feel when they realize they need to seek treatment. In the end, our research helped us talk to K-TOWN customers in a way that made them feel safe, comfortable and understood.

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