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Paid Internship at ODM


Gain Valuable Career Experience

Take your passion for digital marketing to the next level by joining the Open Door Media team as a summer intern! If you are a recent or soon-to-be graduate of a marketing-focused post-secondary program and you’re eager to showcase your knowledge while continuing your learning, then this opportunity is perfect for you! 


Internship Details

The successful applicant will join Open Door Media for a 4-month remote paid internship where they will demonstrate their skills in a digital marketing agency environment, while continuing to build and acquire valuable career skills. If chosen for this internship, you can expect to work on projects similar to those we have previously completed.


How To Apply

Phase 1

Please submit the following documents to our posting on

  1. Resume

  2. Cover letter describing what you hope to gain from the internship

  3. Professor reference


Apply Now


Phase 2

Successful candidates from phase 1 will be invited to interview with the Open Door Media team, and will also be required to present a school project that showcases their skillset. 


Important Dates

Phase 1: October 22nd - January 28th 

Phase 2: February 3rd - February 25th

Successful applicant announced: March 1st 

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