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Physiotherapy focused digital marketing.

Learn how we helped K-TOWN Physiotherapy Clinic grow from 1 to 3 clinics in 3 years.

During our 3 year relationship with K-TOWN Physiotherapy, we’re proud to have contributed to their success. Some key highlights from the past 6 months are: 

  1. Over 1,100 client lead conversions in 6 months from Digital Campaigns 

  2. A 23.82% conversion rate over the past 6 months from Digital Campaigns

  3. A consistent first-page SEO result on Google and #1 for Key Terms that bring clients to their website vs. their competitors such as ‘Physiotherapy Clinic Kingston’

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What Sets Us Apart

For over 8 years, Open Door Media has helped local businesses achieve their growth goals through digital marketing, strategic planning, and other services - wherever they are in their journey. 


Do you have a question about our services or want to discuss how we can contribute to your business success story? Book a call with ODM today.


In this call, we will:

  • Give you a 3 step actionable plan to start achieving your sales and marketing goals. We focus on the following areas:

    • Current Situation - How do you attract, convert and deliver for your target customers?

    • Possibilities - What is the offer, pricing, guarantees, margins, profit

    • Risk/Reward - #1 obstacle that’s holding you back from achieving your goals.

  • Ensure you leave the call feeling: clear, confident, and excited.

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Free resources created and curated by our team at Open Door Media.

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