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Rituals and Community: CPG Category Trends

Mintel recently released global trend information for the food and drink industry and we’re breaking down the three elements that stood out for small businesses to optimize.

1. "Offer moments of respite through product rituals"

Turn routine into ritual, and help build brand loyalty. For example, meal kits have turned the routine of making dinner into a fun and easy activity. Find a way to make your product easier to be enjoyed and highlight the little things that can become habitual.

2. Transparency

Companies in the food and drink industry need to be clear about where ingredients are being sourced, how production happens and almost everything else related to the business; “consumers will demand responsible business practices”.

3. Community

Although the idea of building a community around your brand isn’t new, it’s going to gain even more importance now according to Mintel. They reference interactive e-commerce options that allow users to share their shopping experience with friends, but to start, it can be as simple as shouting out your top customers and creating opportunities for user-generated content.

If you're looking to integrate any of these trends into your CPG brand, get in touch with our team.

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