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Why your business needs
sales consulting

The most successful businesses have a seamless connection between all departments. Playbookology is the method we’ve developed to connect brands’ marketing strategies with their sales systems. It assesses your current sales process and helps you understand how you can turn marketing prospects into customers every time.


For many years, our team has worked to create amazing brands, strong customer engagements and ultimately drive sales opportunities for our clients. In our time working on marketing and lead generation campaigns, we noticed a gap in the customer journey: specifically at the point where customers transform from a prospect in marketing to a prospect in sales.

Sales Consulting

Sales Consulting Key Elements

Tech Stack

Connecting your CRM, website, and other relevant tools to your sales process.

Sales Team Training

Training everyone to follow the determined processes to ensure consistency.

Full Marketing Integration

Ensuring all campaigns and materials fit in seamlessly with the customer journey.

Our Process

1. Empathize

Take the 5-minute Sales Health Check to start the conversation about if and how we can help.

2. Define

We’ll meet to discuss your business, sales model, and learn more about the problems you’re facing.

3. Ideate

The Playbookology method analyzes your sales process from end-to-end.  It highlights where improvement can be made in areas such as: Sales analytics, Performance management, HR, Tech stack and more.

4. Prototype

We work together to understand how you can improve your sales strategy and ultimately, create a seamless journey from your customer’s first touchpoint, to the deal.

5. Launch

Once new tactics and processes are implemented, we’ll re-evaluate the KPIs to better understand your sales model and apply our findings to continuously improve.

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