Through a combination of refining current campaigns and re-designing new ones, Wilton gained a new and distinct presence online.  We tested promotional content through various platforms and optimized the ad content accordingly. By constantly measuring and updating, we were able to maximize Wilton’s marketing budget online and increase their year over year revenue.

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The Spring sale campaign included making a light-hearted video to speak directly to the persona of recreational riders. Capitalizing on concepts of thriftiness and horse care to promote sales, this short clip used an industry inside joke to drive web traffic.  We also used social media contests and email marketing to segment the market, developing personalized packages to move more product. The overall result? Increased engagement and sales!

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We wanted Wilton to stand out as a reputable business, but also show they were relatable and funny - a personality that is quite unique within their industry. By determining where the budget fit best for them, and adapting it to their brand strategy, we were able to optimize their digital presence and ultimately, lead a successful campaign.

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