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Facebook How to Guide

Recent research showed that when it comes to discovering new brands and products, both online and in-store channels play key roles for shoppers, with an overwhelming 63% discovering new products and services through Facebook. Over 55% of consumers surveyed said that the content found on their Facebook feeds resulted in them making a purchase or service booking regularly. Creating a Facebook profile for your small business can help elevate your company in several areas when used strategically:

  • Community Engagement and Reputation Building

  • Increased Website Traffic and Customer Conversion

  • Opportunities for Branding & Content creation

  • Wider platform to share announcements and updates

  • Show the personality and values of your brand and the team behind it

  • Opportunities for Networking and Partnerships

  • Enjoy a widespread reach using platform tools - for free

In today’s digital era, if a brand is not discoverable on social media, this will negatively impact a potential customer's likelihood to choose that brand or business, as 75% of shoppers report that they are likely to follow through with transactions of brands they follow on social networks. 

That’s why we’ve put together a comprehensive deck on Facebook for Small Businesses. It's written by real people and provides practical tips, tricks, and experience for getting started on Facebook, creating a business page, and optimizing your posts & profile that you can actually use to give you the best chance of standing out. We dive into profile setup, types of posts, captions, best practices, and more to make your Facebook page the best chance of success and most importantly, get your content seen. Whatever your experience level, this presentation is full of helpful tips and tricks.

Looking for help with your social media strategy and account management? Open Door Media is here to help. If you’d like professional help, book a call with ODM today to discuss your social media accounts.

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