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About Our Business

Open Door Media was founded in 2015 with the goal to help businesses grow. At first this was through helping them get better results from their marketing, but quickly changed to more. Many  businesses are missing elements in their strategic planning and sales team to get the biggest return on their marketing, so we now offer a suite of services to help businesses wherever they are in their journey.

Curious about what it is that we do? Check out our portfolio of past campaigns here

Our Team


We'll start by in-depth discovery sessions & research period to understand what works for your product or service, and how to convince your audience to choose you.


From there, we look at where your business' online presence is at, where it needs improvement, and what marketing strategies could help you grow.


We handle every aspect of planning and creative ideation - so all you need to worry about is pleasing the prospects we send your way by turning them into customers!


We execute original creative projects in house, based on thoroughly researched and targeted strategies.


We use data and results from the campaign, and apply it to our future marketing efforts.

Our Process

The 90 Day Plan is the core of our process.  Every 90 days we research, create, launch, manage, and report on custom campaigns for each of our clients. We run the 90 Day Plans continuously to ensure there is no gap in service and that your messaging stays relevant and  fresh.

Curious about what it is that we do? Check out our portfolio of past campaigns here

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