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Strategic Planning

We use our proprietary toolset to dissect your business and guide you through a custom, business-building process with the support you need to remain accountable and reach your goals.

The process of gaining traction starts by clarifying your vision for your business. By doing so, you will make better decisions about people, processes, finances, strategies, and customers. In this process, you’ll be guided through a series of meetings to help you identify your core values, core focus, target market, 1, 3, and 10-year goals. In the end, you’ll have a powerful tool that simplifies your strategic planning process.


This is for someone that:  Connects employee efforts to the most important goals, is determined to shorten the time to success, believes in multiplication by subtraction, looking for a planning tool that works.

This is not for someone who: can’t give 10 hours over 4 weeks

Vision Organizer

Most business success stories are anchored by a foundation of paying attention to the data. A company scorecard can guide priorities by department. The business units we focus on are Sales & Marketing, Operations, and Finance. By giving each area an honest and critical score each month the prioritization of resource allocation becomes obvious. 


This is for someone that is: dedicated to growing the company, tired of competing priorities, feeling lost as to where to allocate time and money, wanting a way to track progress

Company Scorecard

Customers go on a journey with the companies they buy from. Even if the company doesn’t design a controlled journey, they still go on one. By mapping out the stages a prospect goes through from the assess phase to the referral phase, your business will maximize the customer lifetime value.  To engage with prospects we need to make all required stages of the customer journey remarkable.

This is for someone that wants: a prospect to convert,  to understand why prospects leave, future sales to be easier, and more opportunities

Customer for Life


Thanks to Ben and his Team at Open Door Media for providing expert guidance, creativity, and laser-focused strategies. We found their team to be highly effective and enthusiastic about their work, and we would highly recommend them to any firm looking to take their business to the next level.

Jane Furter, Jane Furter Real Estate

Ben has an innovative business intuition, a comfortable approach, and a  “get it done - but do it right” attitude that allows him to meet the needs of his clients, his network, and his team. He is also a human-centered leader and connector who truly shows how much he cares, authentically, while being really good at what he does.

Emily Koolen

Myself and my team have had the pleasure of working with Ben and the Open Door Team on both leadership management and sales management. Ben has always displayed a deep knowledge for building sales teams that perform.

Dave Grady, Managing Partner - TBXI

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