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Walker’s/Capital SEO plan brought together a mix of carefully researched keywords, surgical SEO website optimization, carefully placed Google Adwords and well thought-out Google My Business posts. We started out by understanding the complexities of our client’s niche as well as user behaviour and any relevant competitor activity in the space. Search trends informed our choice of efficient keywording that later resulted in a highly optimized website, ready to compete for those highly coveted first page results.

We don’t believe in a “leave it and forget it” approach. Monitoring our client’s SEO status on a weekly basis allows us to respond to any ranking fluctuations with proven strategies. This continuity of service ensures a consistent growth in impressions and clicks to the website. Since then, Walker’s/Capital has seen an increase in market share and leads from search engines year over year.


Total ad impressions


Conversion rate


Post impressions on Pinterest

Digital Marketing

Walker’s/Capital Movers were looking for ways to increase their online leads as they had been experiencing a decline and the usual marketing and sales efforts weren’t providing the results they’d had in the past. After extensive market research, we developed a few campaigns that were designed to pull the brand out of online obscurity, establish credibility with their ideal target audience, and differentiate them from competitors.

Firstly, we ran the “BEST MOVE EVER” campaign on Facebook: a retro-style colourful video rendition of everyone’s ideal move scenario in under 30 seconds, which ultimately led the user to quote options on their website. Next, we promoted their blogs and tips on Pinterest after our research showed that their target audience was on this platform when they were in the planning stage of their move. From packing checklists to tips on saving money, a mix of organic and boosted content on this platform resulted in increased awareness for their brand and new traffic to their website.


Increase in generated leads


Increase in traffic to contact page


Ranked on first page for key terms including "moving company Kingston"

Web Design

Walker’s/Capital Movers approach to their work is to make it as stress-free as possible for their clients during a hectic time in their lives, and so we took the same approach to their site. In depth research showed us what type of design and navigation paths would best influence the user experience and we also wanted their website to help distinguish them from other competitors in the market.

We used the updated brand aesthetic and a clear content hierarchy to make it sure users felt comfortable finding the information they needed. We also streamlined the methods of contacting them, which was key to ensuring the entire user experience was cohesive and straightforward. Overall, the site conveys what Walker’s/Capital does in a way that appeals most to their target audience and in turn, helps them increase their online leads.


More time spent on page


More visitors from social media


More website sessions

Graphic Design

Walker’s main priorities were increasing their online customer leads, as well as standing out from their competition. Many businesses in the moving industry have very traditional branding, with muted tones and more classic fonts. We wanted to make sure Walker’s/Capital was easily identifiable no matter where the user saw their name.  Bright colours and bold shapes magnified their fun brand personality, which matched perfectly with the “Best Move Ever” concept. This showed that moving didn’t have to be boring - but when you work with Walker’s/Capital - it could actually be exciting!

These design elements weren’t only incorporated into their online marketing materials. Beyond their website, emails and social media posts, we also created a design for a physical wrap for their moving trucks to match - that way they could be easily recognized out on the road too! With our help, they’ve been able to stand out from their competition and reframe what it means to work with a moving company.

Unique Branding

To stand out amongst competitors and show off their fun personality.



To create simplicity and easy understanding of information.

Brand Continuity

To ensure they are still recognizable across all assets.

Influencer Marketing

Walker’s/Capital wanted to show that they were experienced and reputable, while still remaining relevant to younger prospective clients. Influencer marketing perfectly satisfied this wish as it could provide a genuine perspective on their services, so we reached out to Tanya at Dans Le Lakehouse as an influencer who could do just that.

Tanya used her characteristic charm in writing, and her love for teal and puppies in pictures, to promote Walker’s to her engaged blog and social media following.  The results exceeded industry standards on Instagram and drove sales.


Social media reach


Instagram engagement


Blog views

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