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Skin MD


Higher than industry average Google Ad click-through-rate.


Average cost-per-click across all ad campaigns on Facebook + Google.


New client leads on website directly from

digital ads.

Digital Marketing

As the cosmetic and medical industries are highly regulated, it was a challenge for Bespoke to advertise their business while ensuring they followed the policies from both the digital platforms and their governing bodies.

By strategically updating their web presence, we were able to run ads on both Google and Facebook without any policy violations or disapprovals. A special offer and clear call-to-action helped us reach our goal of driving customers to book appointments on their website. This campaign ran for 3 months and resulted in increased website traffic and new bookings.


Bespoke Skin MD is a cosmetic clinic that specializes in personalized skin and body care. They were looking to show up on Google when users were searching for their services, and also get new customers to book appointments through their website.

After completing keyword, industry and competitor research, we re-worked their website to strategically include the most relevant terms on the front-end and back-end of their website. In the end, Bespoke saw improved search rankings for all identified key terms plus a 223% increased website sessions year-over-year.


Of key terms in Top 5 search results, 70% of key terms in Top 3 search results.


Increase in total website users



Increase in total website sessions


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