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Increase in sales from social media


Users reached with content from Huff on Facebook


Increase in website traffic

Digital Marketing

With increasing competition in their area, Huff Estates needed to find a way to stand out. Once we had helped them create a new brand personality with an online presence and digital assets to support the direction, our goal was to increase awareness, visits to their winery and online sales amongst young professionals in Ontario’s biggest cities.

To do so, we ran campaigns on Facebook and Instagram that used beautiful photography and catchy copy to highlight all that Huff had to offer. We also used dynamic targeting to not only show the ads to a specific target audience, but for the algorithm to also show it to potential customers whose online actions and interests are similar to the loyal followers they already had. Prior to this campaign, they hadn’t received any sales that they could directly tie back to their social media efforts, so we were able to present all the data clearly too.

Graphic Design

While Huff already had a solid connection to the 40+ year-old wine drinker, they came to us wanting to broader their customer base. Our research showed that not only were millennial women the fastest growing segment of wine drinkers, but that Huff was perfectly positioned to attract this group with a little rebranding. Revamping their key design elements including brand colours, fonts and their Instagram aesthetic helped portray a modern and chic vibe to potential customers.

The “millennial pink” aesthetic that is so sought after online perfectly fit their style, creating a highly aspirational and desired brand.  We used this design across all elements including their social media posts, email marketing and physical marketing pieces. Promotional content included fun quotes, colourful offerings and user-generated content that all showcased the relatability and fun nature of the brand.


Increase in Instagram followers over 2 years


Year-over-year increase in tagged photos/user-generated content for Huff's social media


Earned media articles and PR mentions from publications like Narcity, Global News, The Toronto Star and CTV. 

Email Marketing

Email marketing has been an essential part of Huff’s marketing strategy. We’ve developed campaigns introducing new product launches, promoting winery visits, highlights pairings and tastings and more. One of these was the “Splash Pack” campaign which was sent to subscribers to let them know about an online package of wines, specifically curated for summer sipping.

To match the mood of the season, the content and vibrant design in the email series resonated with the target audience. Utilizing automaton tools and strategically segmenting the audience into different groups played to our advantage, and reaching consumers at different points in the user journey allowed us to sell more wine over an extended period of time.


Annual increase in online product sales


Increase in web traffic year-over-year


Above industry stand open-rate

Influencer Marketing

Huff’s brand is perfect for influencer marketing, and it’s been a great way for them to establish themselves as an authentic and exciting brand. We’ve completed multiple influencer campaigns for them, featuring dozens of different content creators and we’ve seen a huge amount of success in this area.

Firstly, we had a group of bloggers visit the winery for complimentary tasting and lunch, and had them write reviews about their stays. We’ve also sent products to content creators at home for them to showcase in their own style on their Instagram profiles. With not only broad engagement and positive sentiments from their followers but also increased sales, it was clear that these campaigns resonate with their target audience.


Reach across all social media platforms (single campaign)


Increase in online sales throughout duration of a single campaign


Instagram engagement rate amongst influencers' followers

Product Launch

Huff wanted to make a big splash for the launch of Sip Sip Sparkling, the latest offering in their line of canned wines. We coordinated an Instagram campaign with 15 influencers from all across Ontario for them to test and share with their followers.

The main goal of the campaign was to raise awareness with new audiences, as well as gain photos to be shared on Huff’s own social media accounts. The resulting content was bright and fun, emphasizing the cans’ portability and the refreshing flavour notes - perfect for the end of summer!


Follower Engagement Rate (more than double the industry standard).


Reach across all stories and post featuring Sip Sip Sparkling cans.


Total engagement in addition to 1,205 actions taken on stories + posts.

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