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Google Ads Cheat Sheet.

Google Ads is the most intimidating ad platform of them all. With a more technical interface, several complex campaign types, conversion tracking setup & optimization and not to mention a greater budget requirement, to name a few - it can seem overwhelming and risky if you’re unfamiliar with the platform. However, once you’ve mastered it, it can be so rewarding for businesses of any size, delivering unmatched lead capabilities and awareness opportunities. 


That’s why we’ve put together a comprehensive cheatsheet, and we haven’t just included the standard information you can find anywhere (and that you’ve probably read over and over again). Our cheat sheet is written by real people and provides practical tips, tricks, and experience with Google Ads that you can actually use. 


If you have an upcoming Google Ads campaign idea, we know you have several thoughts running through your head: why Google Ads? What’s my objective? What are my targeting options and how do I choose the correct targeting? How do I choose my budget? How do I choose Keywords? Among other things. 


As we said, getting a Google Ads Campaign from conception to execution can be overwhelming and complex, especially considering that one decision can create a domino effect in relation to the results of your campaign and its performance. 


Even if you have run a Google Ads campaign before, there’s a good chance that you relate to these thoughts and have run into issues. If you’re completely new, we’re confident you’re experiencing these thoughts. 

Whatever your experience level, our cheat sheet is here to make the process a little easier and provide clarity on those burning questions. 

If the cheat sheet isn’t quite enough to ensure you’re confident in running your own campaigns and you’d like professional help - our team can help. Book a call with ODM today to discuss your next Google Ads campaign.

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