Huff Estates-
Splash Pack Campaign

Huff Estates was looking for a way to maximize their online sales throughout the summer. With a new promotion coming up, we saw the perfect opportunity to activate their email list using a strategic email campaign. The promotion was called “The Summer Splash Pack” and included a variety of 5 wine bottles at a discounted price, with free shipping. We catered to millennials and generation x, (majority female) who enjoy drinking wine. These people have demanding careers and family lives; an offer of a wine pack delivered to their door makes their lives that much easier.

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A series of emails were carefully crafted, showcasing the product and offer immediately, while reflecting Huff’s brand identity. These emails were automated in advance. Each user would receive various messaging based on the actions they took in the previous email (ie: purchase, open, click etc…) This allowed for each consumer to have a custom journey. Some people needed an additional email about food pairings to be convinced, others waited for a special offer to make a purchase.

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As an exciting kick-off to the summer, the content and vibrant design in the email series resonated with the target audience. Utilizing automaton tools and strategically segmenting the audience into different groups played to our advantage. Reaching consumers at different points in the user journey allowed us to sell more wine over an extended period of time.

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