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Have a Plan

If you have a detailed annual plan, it will be much easier to deflect Shiny Objects.

  • Do you have the time and money to allocate to this idea?

  • Will this disrupt the core business?

Use a Decision Making Matrix (make decisions quickly)

Without a decision matrix for a new idea, it can seem impossible to decipher its value.

  • Have a series of questions that guide the value of the idea quickly

  • Consider the opportunity cost. No one ever does…

Use an Ideas Journal

When a new idea or opportunity presents itself, try writing it in an ideas journal.

  • Discipline yourself to always write the idea here first.

  • Review a week later. Time has a way of creating clarity.

Key Takeaways

Distractions are part of being an entrepreneur, but they don’t have to pull the business off track.  Some simple strategies to avoid shiny object syndrome are all you need.  Planning, recording ideas, consulting your team, having a decision making matrix and testing will bring the growth you’re looking for.


Decision Matrix

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Have a Plan

If you see potential in your idea, but you are not 100% convinced, create a minimal viable test (MVT). An MVT is a small model of the actual version of the idea.

  • Ask customers and prospects if they see the value.

  • Be willing to end the test early if you see convincing data.

Vet ideas with your team

With a fresh set of eyes and a different perspective, your team could point out potential roadblocks, opportunities, or strategies that you have not yet considered. 

  • Your team doesn’t care about your need for something exciting

  • The work that gets done is best evaluated by the people doing it

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