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Commercial Door Systems

Modern Visuals

To bring an elegant, editorial feel to the brand. 

Improved UX

For easy navigation and a simplified user journey.


Multiple ways for the customer to get in touch,

Web Design

CDS came to us needing to refresh their online image and differentiate themselves from their competitors. With extensive research and a detailed design process, we created a modern website that showcased all of their beautiful work, while creating a better experience for the user. Garage doors aren’t traditionally an exciting topic, but with the right images and colours, we designed a site that is exciting and beautiful to scroll through.

As their target audience spends a lot of time on Pinterest, the layout and colours were designed to feel editorial, as if the user was flipping through an Ikea catalogue. CDS has a large breadth of work, and we took it upon ourselves to organize it into clear categories for ease of use. The extensive portfolio page shows their expertise, and is a source of inspiration for new customers.

Client Testimonial

"We get quite a few compliments on our website and how it looks. Lots of people say it stands out compared to the other companies in Kingston. A testament to your suggestions!"

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