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Why your business needs
influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is the best way to showcase your products authentically to a whole new set of prospective customers. If you’re interested in working with content creators to promote your brand but don’t know where to start - we’ve got you covered, with a large influencer database and track record for successful campaigns.


We have an entire network of micro-influencers from all different content niches who are ready to work with your brand!  We’ve successfully run social influencer campaigns for clients in multiple industries such as skincare (see our Neutrogena case study), tourism, moving services, and beverages including wine and cider (see Huff Estates case study).

Influencer Marketing

Huff Estates influencer

campaign stats


Reach across all platforms (single campaign)


Increase in online sales throughout duration of a single campaign


Engagement rate amongst influencers' Instagram followers

Our Process

1. Empathize

We’ll start by an in-depth discovery session + research period to understand your product or service, as well as what persuades and motivates your target audience.

2. Define

Whether you want to host an elaborate event or send out a few products for them to try, we will create a campaign that showcases your brand in an authentic way.

3. Ideate

From there, we handle the entire campaign, starting by connecting you with the right influencers whose audiences match your target.

4. Prototype

Prior to launching, we’ll coordinate the creative direction, contracts, schedules, content approvals and payments.

5. Launch

Once the campaign has begun, we’ll handle ongoing monitoring and communications. Afterwards, we use analytics to determine the campaign’s success and apply our findings to future campaigns.

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