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K-Town Physiotherapy



(171% above industry average)


Conversion rate

(292% above industry average)



(industry average: $104.65)

Digital Marketing

Our SEO research showed us exactly what types of queries potential customers of K-TOWN were looking for. Beyond including these keywords in strategic positions on their website, we also launched a Google ads campaign based on those specific areas of information that people were seeking. With the main goal to drive traffic and awareness, we crafted an dynamic ad that changed based on the exact types of services they were searching for.

This digital marketing campaign was one of our most successful to date because of the strong research, simple copy and calls-to-action, as well as a clear user journey path on their website that allowed them to contact in different ways, or book online if they were ready. Ultimately, this strategy resulted in 1747 lead conversions in less than 6 months!


SEO is key to reaching people looking for specific information online. Our research into physiotherapy clients showed us that oftentimes, our persona was searching for the solution they thought they needed rather than the issue they were having. We conducted in depth keyword research based on all of K-TOWN’s services and related queries.

This research allowed us to know exactly what type of content to include most prominently on their website, and also helped inform the copy. Combined with a digital marketing campaign through Google ads, this strategy led to K-TOWN being more easily found in relevant searches.

Ranked #1

For top terms including "physiotherapy clinic Kingston"


Increase in website sessions via organic search


Average time spent on site for organic uses (245% longer than sessions from other sources)

Web Design

Before we could link KTOWN’s ads and posts to their website, we had to ensure that the content and design were optimized for their client’s experience.  Based on the persona research, we designed a website that not only got the customer the information they needed in a simple way, but that also spoke to their goals and desires.

Intentional messaging, specifically chosen imagery and the inclusion of proper keywords guaranteed that despite being worried about how to solve their healthcare problem, the user felt comfortable and empowered in choosing K-TOWN as their service provider. We also added the convenient option to book online, which was an easy way to turn website users into customers!



Information and navigation presented simply and clearly.

Added Features

Implemented the option to book online for convenience.

Brand Continuity

Aspirational imagery and messaging that matched their current branding.

Email Marketing

When COVID-19 hit, K-TOWN needed a streamlined way to let their customers know what changes were happening to their business, and an email campaign was the most efficient way to speak directly to this group. Using carefully chosen imagery that showed a safe environment with physical distancing measures, our focus was to highlight the changes and restrictions that were now in place, and to have visual elements that reinforced these changes.

By organizing the emails into a drip campaign, users received specific content related to these topics, based on the actions they had taken with the previous email. This was a simple way to make sure the messaging they received made sense for their specific individual needs. The results? An above-industry standard conversion rate, and increased site visits from return customers!


Website user sessions

from email


Bookings conversion rate

(94 total bookings)


Email open-rate, 1.14%

click-trhough rate

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